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Apply for Unit 13 Dall Sheep Draw Now!

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Its time to apply for Unit 13 Dall sheep. Mt Goats or Moose. The sheep limited draw seems to be helping our Rams, I saw several nice rams this year from my camp in the Chugach Mts. We also took a couple nice Moose and a couple good grizzly bears.

If you are interested in applying for any of these tags or know of someone who might be. Please contact me so we can get the paper work started, the registration period is open and ends December 31, 2010 last year was 8% on sheep and considerably better for moose and goats.


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Alaska Big Game Hunting

Kiana Creek Outfitters is located in the Chugach Mountain range in some of the best dall sheep country in Alaska. We also have moose, black bears, grizzly bears and mountain goats.

The moose, sheep and goats are all on Alaska Fish & Game permits for better management, Alaska Fish & Game permit application time is November and December.

Alaska is vast; the wilderness remote; and the game animals magnificent. Animals such as the barren-ground caribou, sheep, brown bears, black bears and Alaskan moose provide many hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, these uniquely Alaskan animals are not found in every part of the state. Even when they are abundant by Alaska standards, their population densities can be low compared to population densities of deer or elk in other states.

Our previous years have proven to be good hunting seasons for us. The caribou have been very scattered for most part, however, our hunters were 100% successful on caribou and we hauled some very nice antlers.

Our hunters have been 100% successful on fully guided moose hunts, with the smallest moose at 65" and the largest was 72".

We also hunt Moose and Brown Bears from our camp in Iliamna Alaska, formerly operated as Alaska Big Game Hunting.

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